Ayurveda Cooking

Ayurveda embraces a variety of ancient principles of health as they are applied to healing.    It considers not only metabolism, but connections to seasons in addition to environmental   factors.   Ayurveda is also about balancing in order to fine tune your inner wisdom about food.

Learning about  how to get that balance and achieve optimal health through food choices is what you’ll find here.  You’ll discover how to prevent illness through healthy vegetarian Ayurveda cooking,  the importance of eating the correct foods for each season, and how to set up your kitchen to create easy delicious healthy meals your family will love.

Clearly there are multiple disciplines that must proceed in synchrony in order to  create a lifetime of good health.   Ayurveda combines healthy eating, meditation, architectural design, and fluid movement into a harmonious force for good.   The information presented here will help you reach your goals of health and healing according to your needs and your lifestyle.

Creating optimal health also means managing stress and achieving your ideal weight.   For anyone needing to lose a few pounds, Ayurveda cooking will provide the key to shedding unwanted fat effortlessly.    When you feel better, the health of relationships, along with prosperity, tends to improve.

The information contained on this website is not a substitution for and not construed as medical advise, evaluation or treatment.

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